Adventurous Beers to Bring Along on your Trips

If you're going to take your Squatchboxx Cooler on an adventure, why not be adventurous about what goes in it? Specific wines can be paired with specific dishes, so why shouldn't your beer fit the occasion? It's easy to turn a recreational outing into a multi-sensory experience! Don't just see and hear. Smell, taste and swallow, too. We are talking about a taste adventure. Get some adventurous beers for your Boxx!

What Should Your Beer Selection Look Like?

To answer that question, you have to ask this one: What, pray tell, are the elements of a real beer adventure? I'm so glad you asked!

It Should Have Variety

I think we can agree that adventure is in the beer of the beholder. What I mean is, everyone's beer adventure is different. Not everyone will like every beer. To make sure everyone enjoys the ride, like each stop on a road trip, variety is the key. Smooth, Sour, bitter, dark, blonde, fruit-flavored - Sure!

It Should Introduce Something New (to You, Anyway)

If adventure is your mission, why take along the same beer you always drink? That would be like going on an adventure to ... the grocery store. Whether it's a splurge on something expensive, like Sapporo's Space Barley which retails for around $100 for a six pack (see 10 of the World's Most Expensive Beers), an eyebrow-raising novelty like Peanut Butter Raincloud, or something downright scary, like Hvalur 2 (pronounced /ˈkʰvaːlʏr/), made with sheep dung-smoked whale testicles, your beer adventure should involve a break from the norm. Of course, that doesn't mean that your selections have to be weird.

Tip: Be sure to take some tried and true along with the new. Everyone may not be feeling quite as adventurous as you.

If you think you've tried just about everything, check out some of these new beers.

It Should Be Exciting

Reputation, limited availability, flavor, content and packaging are characteristics that create an exciting beer selection. Who wouldn't want to have the world's best and the hardest to find sitting right there waiting to be enjoyed? There's no end to the flavors that brewers are infusing into their formulas. Fruits, spices, coffee, chocolate, smoke ... the list goes on. If you have an affinity for a certain flavor, there's probably a beer just waiting to be discovered by you.

Cool names and interesting bottles don't necessarily make beers taste good, but it can make them quite fun. Sure, you could toss your buddy a Coors Light, but it would be more fun if he looked down at his hand and saw a bottle of Zombie Dust?

Tip: Take along a Squatchboxx Snakebite or Wade Opener and you'll get the perfect pour every time.

Start the Adventure

The cool thing is that you don't have to wait for an adventure to pick up a new brew. Next time you're at the market, go to the beer aisle and pick up something different.

If you prefer to try before you buy, you should attend an upcoming beer festival, like the San Diego International Beer Festival. This is the largest West Coast beer festival featuring more than 200 breweries from all over the world.  You should also check out the growing OC Brew Ha Ha.

If Southern California is a little far away for you, here's a list of beer festivals taking place throughout America.

Don't Forget

Keep it cold. No matter the season, a beer adventure is best experienced ice cold.

Tip: Take along a Squatchboxx and you won't have to pause the adventure to get more ice.

Above all else, consume in moderation and please don't drink and drive. Live to tell the tale.

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