How to Have the Best Family Fishing Trip Ever

Fishing isn't for everyone. But the family fishing trip isn't really about fishing, is it? It's really about catching and preserving the fondest of memories even if the fish aren't biting. Although you may someday look back and remember the fishing part, your kids will more than likely remember the time spent together as a family. So make sure it's filled with fun, laughter and learning.

What they won't remember: How fast you got to the fishing destination. What they WILL remember: The scary moment when the highway patrol pulled up behind you with flashing lights

Slow down! Remember, that's the whole point of the family fishing vacation. If your spouse is taking too long to pack or you feel like watching everyone load up the car is like watching paint dry, guess what? You're the problem, not them.

Be careful not to compromise the great memories by paying too much attention to your watch.

It's more important to get to the destination with everyone's happiness in tact. Also, make sure the car is gassed up and in good working order before heading out to a remote location. A roadside breakdown is almost guaranteed to spoil the trip.

What they won't remember: The peace and quiet of a secluded fishing spot. What they WILL remember: Boredom. And it might leave them completely unexcited about possible future family fishing trips.

Although it may be nice to get away from everything and everyone, that might create a less-than-fun family fishing trip for everyone. Keep your family dynamics in mind when you are selecting the fishing destination. A secluded spot might be fine for a couple (think romantic getaway meets trout), but kids will want to have fun and, unless you plan on entertaining them the entire time (and you'd better be good at it), they will have more fun if they can meet and hang out with other kids. Maybe even plan a future trip with another family. That will get everyone revved up for the next one - unless it's like the Griswolds with cousin Eddie.

What they won't remember: The cooler stayed cold. What they WILL remember: Food poisoning.

Food safety practices should still apply when you're out enjoying the great outdoors. Keep perishables in a cooler so that they stay safe for consumption.  Warm temperatures lead to rapidly multiplying bacteria.

Chowing down on burgers and dogs that have spent a couple of hours between 40°F and 140°F puts you and your family at risk for a food borne illness.

In warmer temperatures, food can become unsafe after just an hour! Time flies when you're having fun. But food poisoning and all that comes with it is no fun at all for anyone. Consider taking along two coolers - one to keep drinks cold and another to keep perishable food safe. And do yourself and your family a huge favor - keep the ice runs to a minimum by using a premium cooler such as a Squatchboxx brand cooler.

What they won't remember: Not catching any fish. What they WILL remember: Having a blast catching seaweed.

Having fun while spending quality time with your family is what it's all about. If you're a fishing expert, teach them some basic fishing techniques, but don't put too much emphasis on the technical aspects of fishing unless they ask you for help. Remember to keep it fun for everyone.

Bring along some backup fun just in case the kids get over fishing faster than you expected.

Mix it up. Take a portable speaker so everyone gets a chance to be DJ for a while. Have paper and art supplies ready for nature portraits. Take a break and go looking around for bigfoot, also known as WADE S. QUATCH.


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