Things to Do With Your Cooler When You Are Not Camping



Our insulated containers can do more than just stay chill. Here are a three more ways to use your cooler when you're at home or out and about.

Use it as a Punch Bowl

Put your cooler to work as a giant punch bowl. Mix up your favorite concoctions and share with some good friends. After all, good friends won't mind drinking out of a cooler. Being water proof and able to keep things cold for a long time, it actually makes a very ideal beverage container. Just mix your beverage right inside of it with plenty of ice and enjoy. Fun for a BBQ!

Try one of these 50 great punch recipes!

A Busy Mom's Best Friend
For a mom with a busy day of errands, a cooler in the car can be a big help. If you've got a trunk full of groceries and a couple more trips to make, put the perishables into the cooler to keep them cool while you finish up your errands.

Dry Food Storage
Keep dry food, like cookies and chips, fresh for a lot longer by storing them in a Squatchboxx Lunchboxx Cooler before putting them into the pantry. You'll be amazed at how fresh and crispy everything stays.

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