The Party Bucket 6 Cooler

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The Ultimate Party Companion.

Dont let life pass you by without having a good time.  This versatile hard cooler can provide the perfect refuge for your wine bottles (they fit upright) or beer cans (fits 24 with plenty of room to spare).  Hard molded side handles make transport a breeze, and the tall narrow profile make it a good backdrop for any party scene.  

Constructed using our Squatch approved roto-molded technology, 2” of super-poly insulation, “Hi-T” silicone rubber latches & feet, heavy duty handles, and neoprene seals to keep the cold air in and the hot air out, the WKNDR  is made from the sturdiest stuff on the market to keep your stuff cooler, longer.

Comes with the “Forever Free” parts replacement program as well as the industry’s only “Forever Guarantee”.

 One Cooler. One Lifetime. No one has you covered like Squatchboxx.

The Party Bucket 6 Cooler
The Party Bucket 6 Cooler
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