Steel Goblet, 2 Pack

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The Ultimate Gift!

Our goblet series is leading the way to further the beverage revolution. We are proud to offer a polished double walled stainless steel goblet. Perfect for a cup of morning coffee, or wind the day down with a glass of wine or a whiskey on the rocks. If the opportunity arises, you can unscrew the bottom of the goblet off and it becomes a funnel.  The goblet also mates up with the 30oz Twisted Sippa and becomes the center of every a cocktail shaker!  Thats right folks, pour your favorite mixers in the tumbler, put the goblet over and shake away.  Unscrew the bottom and pour away.  Boom, that just happened.

We designed these without the vacuum as we have found that some people actually like some drinks to cool down or warm up a little after pouring.  Plus 9 ounces of capacity is usually small enough that the drink will be finished before any change in drink temperatures.  

Dishwasher safe (if it fails it gets replaced anyways!!)

Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 3"

Comes with the “Forever Free” parts replacement program as well as the industry’s only “Forever Guarantee”.  One Goblet. One Lifetime. No one has you covered like Squatchboxx.

Steel Goblet, 2 Pack
Steel Goblet, 2 Pack
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